My Favourite Tools

I’ve gone through loads of sportsbetting websites and tools the past 10 years to find the best ones. It’s a thick jungle of unreliable tipsters, hard-to-navigate stats websites, slow odds comparison tools and over-priced programs.

On this page, I’ll list the best of the best. These are the tools I use on a daily basis and can’t live without.

Disclaimer: Some of them are affiliate links, but I would never add anything to this list that I don’t use myself.


I’ve already made a blog-post about accessing bookmakers and streaming in blocked countries. I spend much of my time overseas and there’s a lot of geo-blocking with both bookmakers, streaming services and governments. I’m relying on ExpressVPN to get around those blocks.

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Since soft bookmakers keep shutting winning players down, I’ve long since moved on to more professional bookmakers, such as Pinnacle and SBO. Once upon a time, you could easily access these just by opening an account, but nowadays you have to use an agent. Sportmarket makes this easy by offering Pinnacle and all Asian bookies on one platform.

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It’s important always to get the highest odds, so you need accounts with a lot of different bookmakers. This means you’ll be moving a lot of money between the bookies and that’s a huge hassle through a normal bank account. So all my transactions go through the online e-wallet Skrill.

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I used to have access to the professional trading tools at Betradar (only accessible for bookies), but after finishing up in the industry, I had to find a replacement. After rigorously testing all the available alternatives, I settled on Oddsportal and it’s probably the website I spend the most time on.

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It’s hard to be a professional sportsbettor without watching sports and news. Unfortunately there’s no Netflix for sports (yet) and most normal providers restrict you to only watch the programs in the home country. Soft IPTV is an alternative to this. They offer more than 4.000 channels worldwide and lots of sports. However, they are borderline illegal, so take care and use with caution.

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Anyone taking sportsbetting seriously keeps accounting. If you don’t, you won’t know if you are making or losing money. I’ve tried everything from homemade Excel sheets to expensive member only solutions, but Betwatcher is by far the best – and it’s free.

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Simple Soccer Stats

There’s a lot of good stats websites out there, but none as simple and clean as this. If I need to quickly check anything to do with bookings, corners, offsides or fouls, I use this website. It doesn’t go into deep details, but gives a good overview.

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Google Drive

Everything I previously did in Excel, I now do in Google Sheets. It can’t do as complicated calculations, but it has all basic functions and it means you always have a backup and access to your sheets anywhere.

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Have you found some obscure bookmaker with really good odds? Check SBR for their rating to see if they are trustworthy. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bookmakers with low standards and you can end up losing your deposit or even get your creditcard skimmed. SBR rates bookmakers on financial stability, speed of payouts and years in the industry.

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