Streaming the World Cup (Almost) for Free

The World Cup is upon us and I’m planning on watching every single match!

This is sometimes tricky, as I’m not always at home with cable tv, so I have to look at ways to watch it on the go.

And it’s even more tricky, because I’m spending some of the time in Russia & Italy. This means my domestic streaming service is geo-blocked and I’m forced to watch it with foreign language commentators.

So I did some research on the best way to stream the World Cup. I had two requirements:

  1. I have to be able to watch it from anywhere
  2. It has to be English commentators

The solution turned out to be a combination of streaming the matches from and using Express VPN to get an English IP.

TVPlayer shows all the matches from BBC for free, so I only have to spend money on the VPN (which I already do anyway). It’s a pretty good combo that will work in any country and from any device.

Sign up to Express VPN (affiliate)

Watch the games on TVPlayer

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