Tools to Help You Get the Best Odds

Most gamblers stick with just a handful of different bookies, but in order to become a profitable gambler, you will need a diverse portfolio.

The odds and paybacks that bookmakers offer vary greatly and if you only have a couple of places to shop from, you will almost never get the best price, which means a huge deal in the long run.

Example of the difference

Here’s the prices from Betsafe and Unibet for this weekend’s match between Cardiff and Barnsley in the English Championship:

If you are betting on Cardiff with Betsafe, you would miss out on €11 for every €100 you place. This adds up quickly and would make it almost impossible to be profitable in the long run.

So we established that it’s important to place your bet at the highest odds available, but how do you figure out which bookmaker offers the best odds?

Odds comparison

When you’re looking for the best odds comparison site, there are factors more important than others. The best ones offer real-time odds updates, a wide range of bookies, the possibility to compare various sidebets and are user-friendly.

Luckily, there’s a big number of odds comparison websites on the web nowadays. I’ve compiled a list with my favourites and they each have their strengths:

1) BetOnValue

BetOnValue (previously Betbrain) is probably the fastest tool, but you also pay the price. It covers the biggest amounts of bookies and you can conveniently pick the ones you have an account with, so you get a better overview and can act quicker.

They also offer comparison on liveodds. There’s so many discrepancies in live algorithms, so you can often catch a bookmaker with wrong odds by using this tool. Furthermore, they offer surebetting and valuebetting tools, which can be useful if you want to turn over a bonus and therefore need MBO (market best odds) in order to hedge your bet.

BetOnValue is the one I use the most, as they are the best all-round general odds comparison website. If you want to try them out, they offer a trial at half price. (affiliate)

2) Oddsportal

The website I use the second most is Oddsportal. It’s brilliantly simple and user-friendly, but not as fast as BetOnValue and don’t offer the same amount of bookies.

But what Oddsportal does really well is historical odds. At any point, you can look up a previous match in order to see how the closing odds ended up. This is extremely useful in many aspects of betting and when analysing a football match between two teams, I often look up the odds from their previous match and compare it with the current odds.

If you’re looking for a free option, Oddsportal is a great way to go. Remember to create a user in order to compare more bookies.

3) Oddschecker

While BetOnValue and Oddsportal primarily focus on the standard markets (1X2, O/U, hcp etc.), they don’t do very well when it comes to specials.

Another word for specials is novelty bets. These cover everything from Eurovision to the next American president. And it can often be lucrative when it comes to betting, as the bookies have a harder time pricing and coming up with correct odds.

This is where Oddschecker comes in. They are my go-to comparison website when I have to look up specials, as they pick up special odds from the bookies. Even bizarre ones, such as X-Factor, Big Brother and so on.

I only use it for specials, as I don’t find their website very user-friendly. This also means, that instead of going to the website when I want to look up a special, I use google. For example “Ballon d’Or”, which will get you to the correct page immediately.

4) Bestbetting

I don’t use Bestbetting very often, as the other websites cover me very well, but if I’m looking for a special within a specific game, they perform well.

So if you want to get odds comparison for number of cards, hattricks, to score outside penalty box etc, I can recommend Bestbetting.

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